About us

Our core business is the construction of portal-framed buildings used extensively in manufacturing, distribution, out-of-town retail, service and data storage sectors. We've designed and built more than 200 of them since the company was founded in 1994.

This strong focus gives us a wealth of technical and practical experience to deliver your project to the required specification at a competitive price. Our goal is always to deliver on cost and on quality; we believe that's why we boast an enviable record for repeat business and client referrals.

Marbank now employs 30 team members, but we’ve maintained the hands-on customer-centric approach that makes us stand out. We work closely with our clients and, where possible, use our design expertise and broad technical knowledge to develop and improve the design concept and practical 'buildability' of any project - both adding value and reducing overall cost.

Projects can range in size from less than £1 million to more than £15 million and have spanned the length and breadth of the country - we're skilled at working in logistically challenging locations and central London addresses.

More recently we have expanded our portfolio and have a growing reputation for residential buildings with retail outlets, student accommodation and high-specification residential projects.


Jamie Murray
Construction Director


Finance Director